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CARSTAR is your resource for all things road-related.

At CARSTAR, we want every driving experience to be as pleasant and worry-free as possible. By following a few simple pointers on car care like how to make your paint finish last longer, car care for all seasons, car maintenance checklist or keeping your car clean on the inside and out will hopefully keep your car out of the shop for a while longer. Also by looking at our safe driving tips, you should find a way to keep you safer on the road. But, should you find yourself in a car accident, we provide a step-by-step guide on what to do in the situation. Reading over these tips and ideas, sometimes even once, will truly help you out in an accident situation. Better yet, print out our tips and keep it with your insurance card in your car so it is on hand.

Accidents happen when we least expect it, hence their name “accidents’. But we want to help you during that stressful time so that you get everything taken care of properly and promptly.

CARSTAR Vision allows you to view your vehicle in the repair process at any time. Click here to see for yourself.
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